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Optima Naturals makes use of the best establishments in Europe that use formulations respecting production processes and functional ingredients. Therefore, when it's possible, Optima Naturals makes use of the best providers, who guarantee ISO and GMP certification.


GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices – It deals with a set of rules regarding the production phase, the quality both of the ingredients used for the formulation and the finished product, then the efficacy control of the final product itself. Every phase of the production and every connected activity must be documented.

ISO CERTIFICATION - It's a certification that imposes severe production rules to ensure final consumers higher security, consistency and quality. The production establishments in collaboration with Optima Naturals have been prepared with the most advanced technologies to ensure Customers and Consumers innovative products, with constant and very high quality. 



BIOLOGICAL AGRICULTURE, CONTROLLED AND CERTIFIED: grown following the regulation that controls and certify biological agriculture. The directives on biological agriculture are regulated by Reg. 834/2077, which provides a complete traceability of the product that includes the cultivation method, harvesting, preparation of the raw material, the production, transport and storage. The logo and the authorisation code are a guarantee of the biological certification.


 No Parabens – SLS – Artificial Colorants

 No Fragrances and Aggressive Preservatives

 Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

 Not tested on animals

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